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Oct 27, 2014
News for the Busy Indian

dna, in the recent past, has come out with breaking news, some of which has been the reason for intense debate in the Parliament of India, leading to proactive steps taken by the Government to address the issues raised by the newspaper. Be it at national or state level to city level, dna understands and has strived to publish news which is of high reader value for an emerging, busy India. dna remains committed to keeping the Busy Indian in the loop, in the know, and well informed of issues that will eventually affect him/her.

Going with this thought process, dna launched a brand campaign focusing on the major news stories first broken by the newspaper. The new dna strives to be proactive and agile with many firsts being offered to its readers. Some of them being JBM - Just Before Monday, Celebrity Columnists, Special Interest Pages like Zeegnition, dna of Career, dna of Luxury, dna of Wealth, and many more.

A second in series, dna recently positioned itself as 'News for the Busy Indian'. dna continues to provide news which is relevant, unbiased and factual to its core reader which can be defined as "increasingly inquisitive" wanting to have a stake and pay a proactive role in the fast emerging socio-politico-economic scenario.

The key thought behind the campaign is that newspaper should be able to offer perspective to its reader, news which impacts their own day-to-day life. Apart from being breaking news, it should also be waking news so much as to provide a perspective to the news that helps readers to wake up, react, and act.

The campaign was launched on Thursday, October 21st 2014 and covers Mumbai.

The campaign uses actual newspaper headlines in its creative that have set the agenda for the nation.

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