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Jan 23, 2017
Nurturing Young Seeds organizes 'It's Our Showtime' - a Confidence-Enhancing Workshop for FICCI-YFLO members

Nurturing Young Seeds (NYS) has achieved yet another milestone, taking the learning module to the next level with a recently-held Confidence Enhancing Workshop, exclusively designed for working women, called 'It's Our Show Time.' The session which was attended by the FICCI-YFLO ladies received a tremendous response, with the ladies exuding contentment and elation to be a part of the workshop.

The session emphasized upon building skills which are beneficial for both personal and professional lives. In our daily lives, it often becomes difficult to spare some time for ourselves. During this session, NYS imparted various reasons and ideologies to women to love and praise themselves as they are. It was an interactive session where every individual participated and gave their perspectives and points-of-view on all the topics.

During the Workshop, NYS also guided women on developing the right attitude towards life and people around them. The workshop gave them a different outlook towards living a better and more confident life.

NYS is the first-of-its-kind to offer students experiential learning workshops in various fields. Its popularity is continuously growing as more schools are enrolling for these workshops to ensure that their students get the exposure which is the need of the hour. NYS also conducts open workshops for general students during school holidays.

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