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Nov 10, 2017
NYS Leadership League 2017 to telecast on Zee Media channels

With a vision to change India through the children of the country, NYS Leadership League 2017 took shape. Driven by the thought that if every capable child in this country contributed even in a minute way towards society, the face of India would change, we initiated this first ever pan-India competition for school children based on Leadership, where students shared their dreams, did impeccable community work, showcased entrepreneurial skills and proved themselves to be Leaders at a young age!

Through the Leadership League, we at NYS (Nurturing Young Seeds) brought out compassion in children and made them learn humanitarian principles like Servitude, Understanding, Responsibility, Gratitude and Empathy. We believe that children, right from their formative years, must learn that competition will always be there, but compassion is something that will make them great Leaders!

We got an outstanding response from all across the country and NYS Leadership League attained great heights. Auditions took place across the entire country where thousands of children shared dreams. Thereafter they were selected for the Community Round where they touched thousand lives with their unbelievable service to mankind.

Then the selected top 20 came to NYS Studios for the Semi Finals where Entrepreneurial skills were put to a test after which, the Top 8 were selected for the Finale which was the Charismatic Leadership Round.
Our esteemed Jury & Guests - Mr. Subhash Ghai, Mr. Sonam Wangchuk, Baba Ramdev ji, Dr. Vikram Singh, Mrs Ranjana Aggarwal and Mr. Arun Kapoor selected the Top 3 and we are proud to announce that you can witness it all on your TV sets this weekend on Zee Media channels! So, brace yourself for a captivating Leadership Show which will definitely make you feel proud of the youth of India.

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