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Aug 03, 2011
Sansanit Kanakhali (One Tight Slap) - A social Initiative by Zee 24 Taas

It's halfway through the monsoons and Mumbai's roads are already worse than war zones. But this year, there is something you can do. Sansanit Kanakhali lets you post one hard, ringing slap to the buffoons responsible. Sansanit Kanakhali is an initiative by Zee 24 Taas, to highlight/expose the worst condition of Mumbai roads especially during Monsoon. 

It gives an opportunity to a common man to share and exhibit their anger about the worse condition of roads in and around their home, workplace or the entire route between both of them. The objective is to get maximum participation through Facebook application or through sending SMS to Zee 24 Taas about the condition of roads they are affected by most.

The initiative aims at highlighting particularly bad stretches of monsoon-ravaged roads across the city, and turning the spotlight on those responsible.  As the leading Marathi news channel, Zee 24 Taas is uniquely equipped to give an idea like this a much wider platform. Facebook page, Sansanit Kanakhali, invites viewers to post photographs of particularly bad stretches. To vote, you post a Slap - something the Mumbaikar has long been itching to give the jokers who are supposed to maintain our roads - and who fail miserably every monsoon. The very worst road in the Wall of Shame - the grand winner of sorts - will be declared after a month, and the people responsible will be grilled in a special program telecast on Zee 24 Taas.

The campaign will be promoted though cross channel promos, print and online ads as well as through a particularly novel channel i.e. the use of street theatre - with the plays to be filmed live by the Zee 24 Taas team.

The URL address for Facebook application page is where in people can like the page to get started and upload a picture of affected road onto the 'wall of shame',  they can also post a slap on the pictures uploaded themselves as well as by others.
Viewers are also asked to send the details through SMS by typing SNK Name Area Affected Road to 57575 and Zee 24 Taas will do the rest.

The campaign will also be supported by on air programming on Zee 24 Taas having news stories, coverage, debate and discussions during prime time.

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