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Jan 31, 2012
SITI Cable Business partners geared up for digitization

Noida: Jan 30, 2011: SITI Cable organized business partners meets to set the pace of cable TV digitization, with the Government recently passing the Cable Television Networks (Regulation) Amendment Bill requiring the four metros Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai to shift to digital cable by June 2012 and the rest of the country to be digitized in phased wise manner by December 2014.

With this bill, the onus shifts now on cable service providers to gear up for shifting to digital cable TV infrastructure from analogue.

To speed up this transition, SITI cable organized the series of meets for Delhi Cable Operator in groups of hundred. These meetings were aimed at orienting the local cable operators (LCO's) towards digital addressable systems (DAS) and its benefits.

In a scenario where consumers have access to newer technologies such as DTH, IPTV which are bringing in superior quality and service & changing the rules of media distribution, the digital addressable systems can offer more TV channels to the consumers with better quality picture and sound, attractive channel package offerings, HD Channels and TV signals that remain uninterrupted even in bad weather.

DAS will also enable cable operators to tap additional business opportunities in the form of value-added and interactive services. It has the provision of broadband and triple-play services through the network which will help in boosting up the revenue of the Cable Operators.

The issues related to the up gradation of existing networks, technical support and training in implementing the system, commercials involved etc were discussed during the meeting.

Team SITI Cable has also explained the Subscriber management system which gives full independence to the business partners in managing their set of subscribers and allows them to addresses activation, deactivation, package change request, complaints etc of the subscribers. The most advanced IP based digital head end set up by SITI Cable will deliver 400 channels along with 30 HD channels in the initial phase. This head end is equipped to deliver up to 1000 channels apart from providing VAS like gaming, movie on demand etc too.

Addressing the gatherings Mr. Anil Malhotra, COO of WWIL said that, "The objective behind developing such Subscriber management system (SMS) is to empower the business partners, the most critical stakeholder in the value chain. The developed system is the replica of the present model of analog business with improved services on digital platform."

He further added, "Digitization doesn't mean just putting set top boxes in every cable television home. Lot of work needs to happen in terms of back-end, technology, systems, processes etc. He explained this is precisely what SITI cableĀ  have been doing for last few quarters building on infrastructure and backend system & processes. In our areas, we will ensure 360 degree process for migrating to digitization. We are in a very good shape to take off."

During the meet Business partners of Delhi have also visited SITI cable most advanced IP based digital head end & other infrastructure.

In a nutshell digitization is the lifetime opportunity for cable service providers to increase revenue by offering more channels and VAS, to compete with alternate technologies and build the long term relationship with the end consumers.

SITI Cable will organize more such business partner's meets in various other cities as well, to build the awareness about digitization.

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