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Jun 02, 2015
SITI Hisar organizes 'SITI Dancing Star Season 5'

SITI Hisar organized a dance reality show in Hisar, on the 24th of May, Sunday, called 'SITI Dancing Star Season 5', in the auditorium of Haryana University. The show seeks to give locals a platform to showcase their talent. It was shown live on SITI Hisar, an extremely popular local television channel.

'SITI Dancing Star' was started in 2010 by SITI Hisar. Over a period of five years, the show has garnered huge support and is immensely popular amongst the locals as more than five hundred people participated in the dance show. The participants were categorized according to their age into three groups, and a select few from each group reached its finals; a total of thirty people.

Priyanka, who took part in the 15-18 years dance category, stole the show with her performance and was awarded the SITI Dancing Star of the year trophy.

Hisar SP, Sri. Satyendra Gupta, the chief guest commended the effort of SITI Hisar, he says "cultural activities like 'SITI Dancing Star', encourages young adults, and gives them a chance to explore their talents and skills, and hone them."

Baljinder Kaur, a National Award winning actress, Rakhi Dalal, an eminent choreographer, and Richa Pawar judged the show.

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