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Mar 14, 2011
SITI Network associated with Zee News India Ka World event

One of the world's most exciting sports spectacles has started peaking. Teams across the Globe have just got grooved into the Big Battle. Team India appears to be in Mortal Combat mood for World cup 2011.

With the players like Sachin & Sehwag and the bowling might of Harbhajan & Zaheer combined with the astuteness of skipper MS Dhoni, results may just favor INDIA.

All this and more was unraveled in a freewheeling discussion of SITI Network Business partners & employees with Cricket Legends - Mohinder Amarnath & Bishen Singh Bedi at the SITI Network Noida.

Anchor Puja Sharma formally invited SITI Network team members to ask their favorite questions to the two legends.

Interesting question were asked on - advertising & commercials has taken over cricket , qualities, commitment & records of ace players , On Sledging , performance of spinners,  consistent performance of all rounders,  who will take charge on world cup 2011 trophy, 1983 World cup memories etc.

Both the legends have answered the questions firmly & it led to an overall exciting event for SITI network team. It was opportunity to engage cricket fans off the field too.

Team members have written their message to cheer Team India on the Signature wall also.

The event concluded with the photo session of SITI Network Business partners & employees with the cricket legends.

Happy Viewing Cricket World Cup 2011 on SITI Network....!

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