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Jun 16, 2010
SportsHero launches the 'SMS Predictor'

SportsHero launches the 'SMS Predictor'

SportsHero, the popular online prediction & fantasy gaming website, today launched a brand new 'SMS Predictor' based around the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The 'SMS Predictor' allows the user to make predictions for 5questions for the World Cup matches scheduled for the day. As soon as the user answers the first question the subsequent four questions will be sent to the user automatically. What one needs to do is just answer all the questions before the Start of the first match scheduled for the day.

To join the mobile platform, one needs to send a message - 'Msg' to 57575. The 'SMS Predictor' offers you the unique opportunity of winning a daily cash prize of Rs.10,000/-. In case you miss out on a daily prize, don't loose heart. The success at the game lies in playing it everyday. Along with the daily prize of Rs.10,000/-, there are big overall prizes (for the top 5overall predictions) worth Rs. 2.4lakh.

The Cash bounty up for grabs at the 'SMS Predictor' is Rs. 4,90,000/-


Prediction Details

Amount up for grabs!

Daily prize for 25days around 60matches

Rs. 10,000*25days=Rs.2,50,000

1st position in overall correct predictions

Rs. 70,000

2nd position in overall correct predictions

Rs. 60,000

3rd position in overall correct predictions

Rs. 50,000

4th position in overall correct predictions

Rs. 40,000

5th position in overall correct predictions

Rs. 20,000

So, with the FIFA World Cup on, the time is opportune to get your prediction skills on track. Start using your mobile along with your computer to take your overall winning opportunity to a humongous Rs. 20lakh at this Football World Cup!.

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