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Feb 28, 2017
Students of journalism and mass communication explore the intricacies of news in a Scriptwriting Workshop at ZIMA Noida

Ms. Alokananda Sen Awasthi, a broadcast journalist of long standing, dealt with the intricacies of news while instructing young minds on how to write the script of news, during the Script Writing-News Workshop held at ZIMA Noida on February 24. Students studying journalism and mass communication in five institutions of Delhi had been selected for this workshop.

Equipped with the experience of working as reporter and anchor in Zee News and IBN 7, Ms. Alokananda focussed on transferring the essence of this experience to young inquisitive minds. She told them the basics of scriptwriting, while imparting the skills of writing a good TV news script. The hands-on training involved writing a news story according to visuals, writing anchor shot and writing anchor gfx/story gfx.

With expertise in both Hindi and English scripting, Ms. Alokananda explained to the workshop participants the nitty-gritties of language and grammar while asking them to always remember the Dos and Don'ts of script writing.

The workshop was attended by students from Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan, Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies (VIPS), Trinity Institute of Professional Studies (TIPS), Madhubala Institute of Communication and Electronic Media (MBICEM) and Maharaja Agrasen Institute of Technology (MAIT).

The participants appeared overwhelmed with the workshop with Sathak Pahwa from VIPS saying that the workshop removed the scriptwriting hiccups that many students faced and infused in them the confidence that they could write. Many other students expressed their contentment during the closing function of the workshop.

Dr. Ambrish Saxena, Academic Head of ZIMA and ZICA, expressed hope that such workshops will help the students in polishing their writing skills. Ms. Deepa Zutshi, senior faculty, ZIMA, presented a vivid account of Zee Group and ZIMA while Ms. Lakhvinder Kaur, expressed gratitude to Ms. Alokananda for sparing her valuable time for the conduct of the workshop.

Finally, the students were given participation certificates by Ms. Alokananda and Dr. Ambrish Saxena.

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