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May 28, 2014
'Telly Masala' adds a dose of smart entertainment on Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal

Be it news, infotainment or pure entertainment, TV channels are abuzz with a lot of interesting content these days. But a hectic lifestyle and schedule hardly let us get enough time to catch them regularly as they are spread across different time bands and different television channels, respectively.

'Telly Masala' on Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal bridges the gap and brings the best of content from across various media platforms to entertain you in just a short span of half an hour. It brings glimpses of the soon to be launched TV shows, movies, songs and also updates the viewers with the recent twists and turns in various entertainment soaps and reality shows running across TV channels. The nutty-naughty content, scoops and celebs and stars gossips is also regular to this show and sometimes hard core news that may amuse you also becomes a part of this show.

In a nutshell, 'Telly Masala' on ZPHH gives its viewers a smart dose of entertainment prepared from the best of the TV shows, crisp celeb-gossips, star interviews, amusing news stories, parodies and song releases.

“It's totally relaxing and freshen up amid hectic work schedule” says Sanjay Vohra, Editor, Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal “I am sure viewers too enjoy it a lot” he concludes with a smile on his face.

The show is telecast at 4 PM every Sunday and brings a dose of pure entertainment in each of its' capsule for the viewers of Zee Punjab Haryana Himachal.

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