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May 25, 2010
Ten Sports glitter's at Promax

The Ten Sports team has reasons to rejoice as they have won the Promax BDA Arabia Award and the Promax BDA India Award. Both the teams have walked away with gold at the ceremony.

Promax BDA Arabia

Gold: Best Sports Promo for 2010: The Year Ahead.

The Best Sports Promo for 2010: The Year Ahead was to announce the line-up of events over the coming year on Ten Sports. Its emphasis was to show that ultimately playing sport is fun and enjoyable, whether by professional sportsmen, or for anybody. For this reason the team chose to use children, to bring their unique interpretation of each sport to life, to feel the sports featured were accessible to all.

The direction was naturalistic, seeing children at play, even if they were in actual sporting arenas. Shot in and around the production studios of Ten Sports in Dubai, using various sporting arenas in the area with the cast coming from families and friends of Ten Sports staff. The promo's tone and pace really stood out as something different from other hi-octane sports promos and gained a huge following online

For the Best Sports Promo award Ten Sports defeated entries from other broadcasters such as ESPN Star Sports, Neo Sports, Star News and Viacom 18 in India and against Orbit Showtime Network, Dubai Media Incorporated and Al Jazeera in Arabia.

Promax BDA India

Gold: Best Sound Design for FIM Speedway

The promo was created for the launch of Ten Sport's coverage of the FIM Speedway, but it was a relatively unknown event in India, with the public having little understanding about the race format or the modifications made to the bikes. There was no time to get access for a shoot due to the short time before the program transmission, so the promo had to be created from existing race footage. The promo had to build up a sense of tension and intrigue about the sport, but set it apart from other forms of bike racing. This was done by imparting some of the unique elements of Speedway, and with haunting motion graphics it created the sense of danger that the riders face. The use of audio, with no music but merely effects, combined with use of graphics, pitched a unique tone for Speedway, making it very distinctive from the usual extreme biking. The results of the launch were a great success, with a big recognition factor amongst the target audience of male under-35s and a large launch rating.

Silver: Best Holiday / Seasonal / Special Event Promo for 2010: The Year Ahead

Promax BDA is an international association for television marketers, promoters and designers, with members represented across the world. Every year each Promax territory, such as Europe, Asia, North America and Asia hold their own conference, culminating in the Promax BDA Awards which honor the best on-air design and marketing work in the advertising and promotions business. The PromaxBDA Muse of Creativity Awards are presented to broadcasters whose work has been judged by a panel of promotion and marketing professionals using three measures: overall creativity, production quality, and results in achieving marketing objectives.

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