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Jul 31, 2015
The Future is here

Nobody can predict the future, but one can through the past and present construct a foreseeable future. That is exactly DNA's 10th Anniversary gift to its readers. Future of Future is a monthly pullout that will hit the stands on the 31st July 2015.

The publication is rich with futuristic insights on a host of topics ranging from health and wellness, to education and careers, from finance and entrepreneurship to food and travel. What will money look like in 2025? How will we transact in the future? Will brick and mortar disappear and will business be completely online? Where are the future cities of India and the world located? Where will Indians travel in the future and how? What is the shape of food to come? These are questions that all of us think of perhaps in passing or perhaps considerably. The Future of Future has attempted to answer some of them, through the voices of experts and authorities in their fields of knowledge.

The idea is to equip yourselves with the power of prior knowledge. We hope you will enjoy it.

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