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Sep 04, 2013
Transformation Journey of 24 Ghanta

Call it the 'seven year itch'. Blame it on 'change is the only constant theory'. Attribute it to 'fatigue factor'. Use any other cliche you like. But change we will. Today at 7 PM.

After seven years of being Bengal's leading news channel, shaping views of a highly intellectual population, 24 Ghanta is undergoing a transformation to stay ahead of times. The all new 24 Ghanta will have revamped News mix that will be relevant to all genres of viewers, strong viewer engagement, new and interesting program formats, all new contemporary look and a strong customer centric positioning. Aptly captured in the three words Jan.Gan.Man. Three words penned down by one of the most famous Bengali that bind our nation and make our hearts swell with patriotism. An ode to our democracy. Words that make people supreme.

Let's all join hands to applaud the effort of the entire 24 Ghanta team in this transformation.

Congratulations team 24 Ghanta.

Alok Agrawal
CEO – Zee Media Corp Ltd

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