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Jun 04, 2014
Veria International Limited acquires ZHIVI TV channel and website

In May 2014, Veria International Ltd. and ZHIVI Media signed a deal that includes ZHIVI TV channel and website in the largest media brand portfolio.

ZHIVI, a multiplatform fitness and wellness channel, was launched in 2008. Being unique for the Russian media market, it has a constantly growing audience.

Analogical media brand was launched in the USA in 2011 - Veria Living, 24/7 channel with original HD content. It is devoted to showcasing healthy lifestyle and wellness programming and related content across multiple media platforms. Veria Living shows about cooking, supporting your beauty, fitness, pregnancy and parenting, etc. will be broadcast on ZHIVI.

"The idea of incorporation appeared last year. Basically this bargain will bring a leading product to Russian wellness media market, giving new opportunities for intensive development," Ilona Danilova, the co-owner of ZHIVI Media, says.

Introducing the benefits and joys of living a healthy lifestyle, sharing worldwide experience and making it even more attractive for consumers are the goals to achieve.

"The new concept includes Veria shows, adapted for our audience, along with popular ZHIVI programs. Quality of our content is very important for us," Leonid Yurgelas, CEO of ZHIVI Media, states.

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