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Jan 11, 2017
VOICING: Students of ZIMA Noida get trained by theatre personality Amit Saxena

Amit Saxena, National School of Drama graduate and an eminent theatre personality, conducted a workshop on voicing at ZIMA on 5th January, 2017. It proved a great learning experience for the students of TV Journalism and Reporting and Anchoring.

The workshop emphasised the different aspects of voicing and how it can be used in Broadcast Journalism. This workshop gave the students an opportunity to know about each other through various exercises conducted in the workshop.

The workshop started off with the self-introduction of every student in a creative way, wherein the students introduced themselves and used their creativity in doing so, followed by meditation of 5 minutes and then reintroducing their class-mates as they remembered from their introduction.

Then, the students were made to do various voice related exercises that would help them to improve their speech. Various exercises related to diction and pronunciation was also done during the workshop.

It was an experience to be cherished for the students as they learnt the techniques and aspects of voicing and its importance in their professional lives through various exercises. Additionally, they learnt and explored new things about their class-mates which otherwise they were unaware of.

Amit Saxena, a senior officer in Sangeet Natak Akademy, was happy to see the potential and vigour of the students. Maria Srivastava, student of TV Journalism, said that the interactive nature of the workshop and learning by doing experience helped them to come out of their shells.

Dr. Ambrish Saxena, Academic Head of ZIMA and ZICA, expressed his gratitude to Mr. Amit Saxena, for conducting the workshop. Ms. Deepa Zutshi, senior faculty and Ms. Lakhvinder Kaur, counsellor, were also part of the endeavour.

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