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Apr 04, 2014
Zee 24 Taas presents its Election Special 'Ranasangram'

Every 5 years, the biggest democratic country in the world, India, elects its leaders. It is a joint effort of the democrats to choose their own leader in command. Zee 24 Taas brings this battle in a detailed manner through its fantastic network and unique programming in Maharashtra as a regional Marathi News channel. 'Ranasangram' is the parent property for the election special venture and now it will lead to ground connect with 3 new properties.

The first of these new initiatives is 'Election Express' which airs at 6 pm. It is a ground discussion show in which candidates of main parties, local dignitaries and local journalists participate. The anchor discusses key issues with the participants and tries to elicit solutions for these issues.

The second show, 'Whats up India,' is a talk show on present politics and politicians. Since the youth of India covers a major part of the democracy, college kids are a part of this discussion show which airs at 5.30 pm.

'Hava Maharashtrachi' is the third show which airs at 10.30 pm. Voters create vote banks, hence, it is the perception of voters and their overall thought process which will determine the result of the election. In this show, which has the look and feel of a travel show, the local reporter and anchor of Zee 24 Taas visits 3 assembly constituencies of each Lok Sabha constituency and interacts with common voters to gauge their moods and perceptions.

Catch this election special from 24th March to 14th April only on Zee 24 Taas.

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