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Oct 25, 2016
Zee Learn Limited announces first ever dividend and 7 fold growth in PAT for Q2 FY17

Zee Learn Limited (ZLL), India's leading Education company and India's Most Trusted Diversified Education Brand, today reported its Q2 FY17 unaudited results which continues to surpass all the previous financial results of the Company for the quarter.

The company's PAT at 759 Lakhs for Q2 FY17 became 7 fold over the Q2 FY16. The company's PAT at 1560 Lakhs in H1 FY17 became 3 fold over H1 FY16 and in fact exceeds the PAT for the full FY16. The Company's reported EBITDA in Q2 FY17 doubled to around 40 % from around 20 % in Q2 FY16.

On the backdrop of its sterling performance, the Board of Directors declared a first ever Interim Dividend of 5% to the Equity Shareholders of the Company.

Mr. Debshankar Mukhopadhyay, Chief Executive Officer, said “We are pleased to announce an Interim Dividend for the first time at Zee Learn Limited. This shows our commitment to the shareholders who believed in us and continued to invest in the Company. Speaking on the results, he said that Q2 & H1 FY17 were remarkable for us and our strategy to focus on our strengths has resulted in delivering the profits which are multiple times more than the profits delivered during the last financial year. ZLL through its varied forays including Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE), K-12 School Education, Youth and Vocational education is playing a strong and transformational role in India's education system. I am confident that ZLL will continue to grow its business and is committed to create long-term value for its franchisees, parents and students, shareholders, employees and all the stakeholders.”

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