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Jul 13, 2016
Zee Learn Limited Q1 FY17 results at an all-time high

Zee Learn Limited, India's leading Education company and India's Most Trusted Diversified Education Brand*, today reported its Q1 FY17 unaudited results which are company's best results since inception. The company delivered sterling first quarter performance giving better than expected profits, strongly improving operating margins and has steadily progressed against fiscal 2017 planned initiatives.


•    Profit Before Tax for the Q1 FY17 up by 130.7% over Q1 FY16
•    PBT for the Q1 FY17 at 21.7 %; up by 10.6 percent points over Q1 FY16
•    Revenue for the Q1 FY17 up by 17.5% over Q1 FY16

"Our results for the quarter reflect solid progress, inspite of the difficulties in the economy," said Mr. Umesh Pradhan, Chief Financial Officer, Zee Learn Ltd. He further added - We continue to drive productivity and improve various operating levers even as we invest in growth of people, brands, processes and IP creation. During the quarter, we maintained strong cash flow generation with an increase in operating margins and launch of next gen businesses. We continue to transform Zee learn into a company that is focused on creating and building strong brands, enhancing customer value and expanding our educational system.

Amidst a challenging macro environment, the continued focus on strategic initiatives enabled Zee Learn Ltd to gain share in its core businesses of Kidzee and Mount Litera Zee Schools during this quarter and deliver sustainable top-line growth and strong margin expansion. The businesses have reached a level where the company can now reap the benefits of all its past efforts and with the ever expanding network (1600+ Pre Schools and 100 plus K-12 schools), right strategies, enhanced efficiencies and brand value creation. ZLL is confident that they will achieve strong results in the full fiscal FY17 and create long-term value for the company and its shareholders."

Zee Learn Ltd has recently announced the appointment of Mr. Debshankar Mukhopadhyay as the Chief Executive officer of the company. Debshankar comes with over 20 years of experience in educational and financial sector across South Asia. Network and channel development is his forte, along with effective leadership in business and operational management. The Company looks forward to further expand its business under his leadership.

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