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Jan 15, 2015
Zee Media Corp creates new syneriges in the system; gives Dr Uday Nirgudkar of Zee 24 Taas additional responsibilities for dna

As India's largest news corporation, at Zee Media Corp Limited (ZMCL) we are acutely aware of ever-changing dynamics and preferences of our audiences. We realize it has never been more important to stay relevant, utilitarian and top of mind - a dependable source for our audiences and other partners that helps update and upgrade their contextual world.

While we are actively gearing ourselves to connect with our ever-evolving audience, internally too, we are amidst an eternally changing mind-shift that calls for merging silos by multiplying synergies and tapping into our resources to augment our vision. To this end, we have been finding cross platform chemistry across our television networks (Zee News, Zee Business, 8 other Zee Regional news channels), print (dna) and digital (our online news platforms,, etc) by bringing forth common strengths and amplifying value across functions.

To this end, we have recently appointed Dr Uday Nirgudkar, Editor and Head of Zee 24 Taas as the Chief of dna. An MBA and Doctorate in marketing from Pune University, in a career spanning over 20 years, Dr Nirgudkar has handled diverse businesses from conceptualization to execution. His unique ability of grasping complexities of new business concepts and create profitable revenue models has propelled Zee 24Taas to new heights of success. One we hope he replicates in dna as well whilst creating multi-platform and multi-function synergies across the network. He will be reporting to CEO, Mr. Ashish Pandit and Group CEO, Dr. Bhaskar Das. We wish Uday the very best of success in his endeavours.

With Uday's appointment and the several other game-changing strategies at ZMCL, the industry can look forward to a whole new era dawning at ZMCL that we aim to translate into advantageous opportunities for all our audiences and stakeholders.

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