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Sep 30, 2013
ZEE Media Corporation to launch 500+ hyper-local social platforms, in multiple languages, evangelising the need for better Citizen Governance

"I Am IN - dna of India" is a technology enabled initiative, that promises to enlighten, engage and empower citizens of India in getting involved in  the cause for better governance. It gives power to the people to be vocal about local issues, to report news, connect with governance representatives & like minded fellow citizens and more. I Am IN is India's first Multilingual, Hyper-local, Pan-India digital platform that will encompass - (over the next few months) - over 500 local circles and neighbourhoods across the country, enabling people to subscribe to and engage with, others, in their locality, who feel passionately about local issues and what to do something about it.

Good Governance begins with Active Citizens seeking accountability from their chosen representatives at every level - from the Parliament to the legislative assembly, from the local corporation to the graam panchayat. If even a small minority of the 1.2 billion people of India start being more informed and get involved in the process of governance, then things will only get better for the nation. People across India want to be involved in building a better India, but there is neither the means nor the support to help them be better informed or better involved. Furthermore there is this sense of fighting a lone/losing battle – which possibly encourages the mindset of "What can I do? -  Is desh ka kuchh nahi ho sakta - aisa he chalta hai”. What people do not realise is that there are others like them, often in the same locality and neighbourhood who are also trying to do their little bit - for India. It is the vision of getting like minded people together, empowering them with information, and enabling them with technology that has led to the inception of the platform and its conceptual framework.

ZEE Media Corp Chairman - Mr. Subhash Chandra says "I believe in India, and I have faith in the ability of my fellow citizens to make India a better country. We keep complaining about India, we keep saying we don't know what to do and how to do it. We try to look at the big picture, not realising that it is made up of smaller problems. Solve the smaller problems and the big problem will be solved.  The change in India has to be ground up, and what we aim to do is to empower and enable Indians to do just that. Gandhiji said "be the change you want to see in society”, today with the launch of "I am In – dna of India” we hope that can be achieved, enabled by technology and powered by the desire of 1.2 billion plus Indians who want a better tomorrow."

"I Am IN" is a Digitally driven quest to find citizens who are willing to come together and make a difference. It is a pledge, to make the DNA of India stronger and a commitment to work with the citizen representatives towards influencing better governance. You can either be a Volunteer for your locality / neighbourhood and be the face of the community, or be an Active Citizen by signing up, staying informed and helping your community find solutions to various problems.

The hunt to find volunteers for around 200 localities / neighbourhoods that the platform is launching with, has already begun. All you have to do is give a Citizen DNA Test, prove why you deserve to be a volunteer and demonstrate the passion to be one.

Says Dr. Bhaskar Das – Group CEO – Zee Media Corp, "Today, in India, we see a lot of energy. A desire to do 'something' more for India. If that energy is not tapped, that desire to do 'something' not see outcome - then it is easy to become despondent and negative. It is this spiral into negativity that needs to be avoided and it can be done by harnessing the power of good intention. "I am IN – DNA of India” is an initiative that taps into the desire of Indians across the length and breadth of the country who want to live in a better, cleaner, safer locality/neighbourhood.  The power of hundreds of hyperlocal networks, each made of thousands of people, all of who act in a focused manner to improve their locality can surely bring the much needed qualitative change in our country. "

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