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Aug 08, 2012
Zee News: Empowering Nation, Empowering People's thought

Zee News understands the pulse of the nation on Team Anna joining electoral process.

While the whole nation was busy following Team Anna's fast at Jantar Mantar for a strong Lokal Bill, Zee News - nation's leading Hindi channel which understands the pulse of the people and empowers its viewers - conducted an exclusive SMS campaign on 'Team Anna Joining Politics'. The initiative was to understand people's mood and give them a platform to voice their opinion.

The poll was 'Should Team Anna contest elections?' and the channel received an overwhelming response of 1.5 lakh unique SMS in just 4 hours and nearly 5 lakh people responded in 26 hours. Over 97% supported Team Anna's decision to join electoral process. This confirms how well Zee News understands the pulse of the nation.    

In today's scenario, when quality of news content is on the decline and competition for grabbing eyeballs is heating up, Zee News has chosen not to be a part of the rat race. Zee News' brand philosophy rests in respecting the viewers' intellect because we believe that thoughts are valuable and every single opinion counts to empower the nation. 

Continuing on its journey to bring forth meaningful news, Zee News is proud to uphold the importance of 'pure news' and is committed to deliver news that will bring about productive changes.

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