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Jul 28, 2014
Zee News introduces a unique food show Desh Da Swaad

Hosted by renowned chef Harpal Singh Sokhi

A new and distinctive food and travel show, Desh Da Swaad, makes its way to the ever popular Zee News, a flagship 24 hour Hindi current affairs and news channel from Zee Media Corp. Ltd.

The show is designed to present the culinary destinations of India, through its food, its people and through the gastronomic experts it encounters along the way. The first 13 episodes present the glory of northern India with Amritsar being the first hotspot.

Viewers will follow Chef Harpal Singh, who will travel to various locations in a one-of-a-kind 'mobile kitchen' caravan, created by Hafele, where he will meet with the people, understand their palate, and cook for them by adding his own, personal touch. The finale of each episode has Chef participate in cook-offs with culinary experts in every city he visits.

Episodes also introduce people who have chosen cooking as a profession, families and institutions, that are famous for certain types of food, and where cooking is an integral part of their tradition and culture.

Presented by Catch and Powered by Hafele, Desh Da Swaad aims at giving viewers a contemporary taste or 'Swaad' of northern India by focusing mainly on the cuisine, and conversations revolving around the love for the same.

Launching 26th July, Tune in to Zee News Every Sat. 7.30pm and Sun 12.30pm and take your taste buds on a trip with Chef Harpal Singh Sokhi.

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