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Dec 03, 2008
Zee News is the most trusted

Zee News is the most trusted
Zee News has enlivened the true spirit of news journalism. As per the TAM data the channel was the most viewed news channel during national crisis.

Time and again it has always been evident on the TAM score sheet that Zee News has been the most trusted news channel during events of acute importance. The recently declared TAM data from November 26, 29, 2008 indicates that Zee News has got the maximum time spend per viewer during the Mumbai terrorist attack (Source: TAM, TG: CS AB M 25+, Metros, Mumbai Terrorist Attack, 26th Nov to 29th Nov' 2008 all day)

Zee News has always been the most credible and trustworthy channel amongst the viewers in need of reliable source of information during events of major importance. Again the channel has garnered a commendable score of 103 minutes thus, leaving competitors trailing far behind.

Highlighting the achievement, Zee News Ltd. CEO Barun Das said, During the recent Mumbai terror attacks Zee News has done what it has always believed and stood for, the power of authenticity and credibility of news. Whether it is news related to the common man or of national interest, we always endeavour to offer content, which is real and newsworthy. As always the response we got from viewers has encouraged and given us the much needed boost to stay on top and continue the true spirit of journalism burning bright in the midst of despair and terror struck nation

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