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Apr 26, 2013
Zee News Network celebrates its 100 million reach

Zee News Ltd, which is the first Indian news network to reach out to 100 million viewers, has initiated B2B Agency Activations in top 10 advertising agencies of New Delhi and Mumbai respectively. Various activities are being conducted with an objective to establish Zee News Ltd. as India's Largest News Network.  

The activations aims at creating a top-of-the-mind connect to engage with the buyers, planners and decision makers with various interesting engagement activities like A to Z Contest, Dart Game, Message Board and Zee-Malgamation representing the cultural and lingual diversity where Zee News Limited is present in.

Zee News Ltd is not only the largest news network of India but also the right platform that reaches out to the growing news audience. It has always remained on the forefronts in the Indian electronic media industry and touches the lives of 100 million viewers. It is thus, instrumental in positively changing the way people think and significantly empowering India.

Mr. Rohit Kumar, Marketing Head, Zee News says, “In the view of Zee News Ltd reaching out to 100 million people, we decided to celebrate our achievement with various agencies across India. With B2B Agency Activations we aim to tap into the minds of decision makers to build intellectual and emotional commitment to our brand.”

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