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Aug 26, 2011
Zee Punjabi launches 'Lifestyle Da Funda'

Now you can top-up your lifestyle with latest trends in a budget that suits you as Zee Punjabi launches a brand new show 'Lifestyle Da Funda' on 28th August 2011. This half an hour show covers products and services in vogue that ranges from cars to casinos, from garments to gizmos, from food to fashion, from spas to sports or be it home decor etc. In a nutshell it will showcase everything that adds to your lifestyle and falls perfectly in your budget too.
With 'Lifestyle Da Funda' the channel aims to connect well with the up and mobile younger generation of students and working professionals who wish to stay ahead by following latest fashion trends, though viewers above 40 would also enjoy this show and find it useful as well.
The show will open up a new window for Punjabi viewers who always remain on the lookout for new product launches and trendy stuff in the market.

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