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Mar 17, 2011
Zee Punjabi to telecast 'Khalse de Rang' - Colorful festivities of Hola Mohalla, live from Anandpur Sahib

Zee Punjabi has made special arrangements to cover colorful festivities of Hola Mohalla -live from Anandpur Sahib in a special telecast 'Khalse de Rang' from 17 March to 20 March 2011.
Hola Mohalla is a great Sikh festival held in March to coincide with the festival of colours, Holi. It is held at Anandpur Sahib, home to the second holiest Sikh shrine, Keshgarh Sahib, the birthplace (April 13, 1699) of "Khalsa", the modern day Sikh religion.
Mr. sanjay Vohra, Editor, Zee Punjabi assured “It will be a great religious and spiritual treat for viewers as they would be able to watch the true character of this great Sikh Festival on Zee Punjabi. Telecast will be live from Anandpur Sahib between 17th March to 20th march 2011 this special show 'Khalse De Rang' will have prominent Sikh religious figures to discuss and share a number of issues and subjects pertaining to Sikhism. Guidance from the Gurbani and from the life of Gurus will also be on agenda in this special telecast which will be available throughout the day to Zee Punjabi viewers.
Takht Keshgarh Sahib's head priest Jathedar Tarlochan Singh also shares “Celebrated every year this festival brings a great spectacle and provides a hue of panoramic view and great religious experience to visitors”
Zee Punjabi will shoot special activities like Gatka by Nihangs, Sword Fighting nihangs, Shabad Kirtan recital by Raagis, Dance by religious groups/bhangra teams, Horse Riding by Nihangs, Colour splashing activities etc to give viewers a holistic view of the Hola Mohalla festivities.  
Hola Mohalla will be live from Anandpur Sahib daily between 5 AM to 7 AM in special devotional show 'Ekonkar' and each activity of this great Sikh festival will be featured as a segment in various bulletins telecast at 5 AM, 8 AM, 1 PM, 7.30 PM (4 Bulletins of 30 minutes each daily) between 18 March and 20th March 2011.
The stories covered throughout the day would make a special bulletin dedicated to Hola Mohalla and will be telecast at 8.00 PM daily.
A documentary film on Hola Mohalla will also be telecast at 8.00 PM on 17th March 2011 to mark the beginning of Hola Mohalla.
Enjoy Hola Mohalla on Zee Punjabi

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