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Aug 23, 2010
Once again the 'Tadka' promise for a Laughing Riot to start on Zee Marathi

Once again the 'Tadka' promise for a Laughing Riot to start on Zee Marathi

Zee Studio brings back the magic for the cinema lovers and pays homage to the outstanding cult classic, featuring the complete trilogy, with a special tribute to the Godfather of Hollywood, Marlon Brando, every Saturday @ 9pm during the entire month of August and September. To attract the younger audiences to this Hollywood cult Trilogy, Zee Studio has created a special Godfather Facebook Page where it is running 2 contests Godfather Confessions Trivia and Post your Godfather Picture.

In Godfather Confessions Trivia, users can post trivia details onto the wall or in the notes section, while in Post your Godfather Picture contest, users can post their suited-up 'God Fatherly' pictures to win special prizes and goody bags from Zee Studio. The Godfather Saturdays page is live on Facebook. You can just click on the below mentioned link or search for it as 'Godfather Saturdays - Zee Studio at 9pm' on Facebook search engine:!/pages/Godfather-Saturdays-Zee-Studio-at-9pm/152542484760900?ref=ts

Apart from this online campaign, Zee Studio is promoting Godfather Saturdays off-air via Sms Godfather Trivia Questions campaign. In this contest, Questions posted on TV during the film showcase have to be answered correctly to win prizes. Adding punch to it's marketing campaign, Zee Studio will have specially branded 'God Father Buses' plying across Mumbai for a period of 2 weeks.

The Channel has also tied up with a Radio Channel to promote the Ride The God Father Bus. In extension to the campaign, there will be a month long theatre slides & Translites in all major Theatre chains in Metros. OOH Media is also tapped to promote the Trilogy. Considering the amazing buzz that the Godfather series has created this month, Zee Studio plans of continuing to showcase crime movies in this time band in September, after it has exhausted the trilogy.

Godfather, the most revered trilogies in cinematic history have fetched a total of 9 Oscars, another 29 wins and 47 nominations. It is rated as number one film in IMDB in the list of the top 250 movies of all time (based on the votes of its registered users). Since its release in 1972, "The Godfather" has become an indelible fixture in popular culture. It defined the gangster genre and continues to serve as a benchmark for all the films that would follow in its footsteps.

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