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Nov 28, 2011
Zee Telugu launches first of its kind new game show - Chittam Chittam Prayaschittam

Right from our childhood, we have been told about Yama Loka, where the God of Death, Yam Raj with the help of Chitra Gupta decides where the soul needs to go after death, Naraka (hell) or Swarga (heaven). Here bad souls get the most dangerous punishment and before the punishment, everyone gets to hear what sins they have committed on this Bhoomi (Earth).

What if we don't have to wait to go to Yama Loka to pay for our sins? What if we can do Prayaschittam for our sins here on this Earth itself? Now you can see this happening for Celebrities of Telugu Television.

Zee Telugu launches first of its kind new game show - Chittam Chittam Prayaschittam. An interesting show based on the concept of Yama Loka, where participants would come and get redemption for their sins by doing Prayaschittam.

The show will provide redemption to television serial characters; these characters have done so much wrong in their shows and they need to be punished, Eg. – like in Chinna Kodalu, where Bamma always tortures and harasses Radhika. These sorts of television characters would come to Yama Loka to redeem their sins. In Zee Telugu's Cittam Chittam Prayaschittam, Chitragupta will read out sins of television celebrities and the celebrities need to get redemption by participating in various funny and interesting games. The celebrities would have common thread like lady villains, bamma's, kodalus, attas' etc.

Shiva Reddy who would be portraying Yama Dharama Raja said, "I have always wanted to get into the shoes of Yama Dharama Raja, as big stars like Kaikala Satyanarayana and Mohan Babu have played the role in films." As Chitra Gupta, Veteran actor Sudharshan would be helping Shiva Reddy to give punishment to participants.

Zee Telugu Business Head Anuradha Gudur said, "Zee Telugu likes to experiment with different and innovative content, so as to give viewers the best entertainment possible. We at Zee are sure that this show will be different from the present game shows on Telugu Television"

In our day to day TV serials we see various characters doing so much sin and bad karma, but they are let go, and there is nothing we can do! Well, that's a thought of the past. With the launch of Zee Telugu's new game show no villain will be left untouched!

Telecast Details: Launch on Nov 28, 2011 Every Monday at 9.30pm only on Zee Telugu.

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