ZEE wins 'Silver Award' at LACP '2010/11 Vision Awards'

Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited received Silver award at the '2010/11 Vision Awards Annual Report Competition' organized by industry's prestigious organization - League of American Communications Professionals LLC (LACP).

The 'ZEE Annual Report 2010-11' won the Silver award along with a worldwide ranking of 228.

Commenting on the ZEE Annual Report, Christine Kennedy, LACP Managing Director said, "Last year's annual report for Zee Entertainment Enterprises Limited ('Inspired Leadership') proves to be remarkable in light of tremendous competition. More than 5,500 entries were received for the 2011 Vision Awards, comprising submissions from upwards of two-dozen countries and 800 entities."

"Overall, we find this work to be outstanding, earning a total score of 97 out of a maximum 100 points. The first impression presented by this annual report is exceptional while the cover of the publication is superb. The letter to Shareholders presented to readers is exceptional while the report narrative is outstanding. The work is supported by a robust financials section that we believe is excellent."

Following are judging scores for ZEE:

First Impression: 30 out of 30

Report Cover: 9 out of 10

Letter to Shareholders: 10 out of 10

Report Narrative: 10 out of 10

Report Financials: 9 out of 10

Creativity: 10 out of 10

Message Clarity: 10 out of 10

Information Accessibility: 9 out of 10

Total Score: 97 out of 100

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