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Jan 19, 2011
ZEEL brands on Facebook

Facebook is a Social Networking Website which has millions of users. It is entirely up to us how we want to present ourselves there. Some create a wacky profile, while others feel it is important to maintain corporate look and feel. After all, God knows who is watching you? It could be your present colleagues or your future boss…It could be your spouse or your long lost friend. Some join in to stay connected, others to find long lost pals and some to endorse themselves. Whatever be the reason, Facebook is simple and it is a great for Networking.

This is exactly what I was doing when I came to the Zee TV Community. Being a part of the Corporate Brand Development team at ZEEL I thought it was necessary for me to be a part of this amazing community where we get updated on the latest happenings at Zee. I just started scanning the community updates and below is some data that I gathered which I am pleased to share with all of you.

For Ten Sports it is truly an achievement to reach a fan following of 87,621, as on today. It's a great going for our other brands as well.

Ten Sports – 87,621

Zee TV – 49,913

Zee Aflam – 21,394

Zee TV – 20,377

Zee Cinema – 7,652

Ten Cricket – 5,272

Zee Kannada – 4,995

Zing – 3,239

ETC – 2,272

ETC Bollywood Business – 2,214

Zee Motion Pictures – 1,186

Alpha ETC Punjabi – 886

Ten Action+ - 563

Zee Smile – 458

Zee Trendz – 435

Zee Telugu – 365

Zee Cafe – 323

Zee Studio – 231

9X – 202

Zee Khana Khazana - 148

Zee Marathi – 131

Zee 24 Taas – 32

Zee Talkies – 33

Zee Jagran – 3

We want to encourage all employees to become part of 'Zee TV' and other ZEEL brand communities on FB.

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