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Aug 13, 2014
ZEEL & Essel Group Chairman, Dr. Subhash Chandra in The Hindu's 'Survey of Indian Industry 2014'

The Hindu's 'Survey of Indian Industry 2014' features an article by Chairman entitled 'Women Empowerment: Their contribution will be immense' under the section on 'Service Industries.'

The theme of the survey this year is 'Putting India back on the growth path' and the various contributing writers have discussed the reasons for the current economic slowdown and suggested ideas for the new government that will pull the economy out of the bad patch. The survey will also serve leaders in business, management professionals, economists and students of economists and general readers as a reference source and as a guide to the assessing the state of different sectors.

In his article, Chairman talks about the various aspects that need to be improved in order to prevent the deceleration of the nation's economy. This includes fast-tracking large projects, enhancing the spirit of entrepreneurship, rural education, women empowerment and nurturing talent.

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