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Feb 24, 2014
ZEEL promotes literacy in Rajasthan and Uttarakhand

In 2013, Zee Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. in association with Room to Read funded the establishment of 20 school libraries across Rajasthan and Uttarakhand. To date, these libraries have directly impacted more than 2,400 students, providing access to key children's books and literary materials. While these libraries directly impact students on a daily basis, they also provide a central gathering point for the surrounding communities, offering a space within which parents and residents can check-out books and share in their children's reading activities and habits.

Highlights of the program:

  • 20 Government primary schools have libraries with child friendly literary environment.
  • Impacting more than 2490 children.
  • Impacting 93 teachers by providing professional development trainings to 40 point teachers.
  • 20 head teachers are getting periodic trainings.
  • 11947 books provided to 20 libraries till date.

In accordance with Room to Read's global model of School Library establishment, the team provides three years of support to each new project, offering resource provision, technical assistance, community outreach, and monitoring and evaluation throughout this time in order to foster sustainability and impact within each project. These libraries will have a minimum of 600 books in each school in three year. It is also ensured that one child has access to 5 books in a library.

In addition to resource delivery, the team also focused on professional development and capacity building throughout the reporting period. In November 2013, a one-day training was conducted that focused on the facilitation of library activities, mainly on incorporating drama, role playing, drawing, storytelling, and writing into each library period. This progressive workshop structure allows librarians to build a solid base of management knowledge and to then take these skills and share them with their peers and colleagues at home.

Lastly, the team worked to monitor the 20 ZEEL funded libraries throughout the reporting period. Working with school principals and district officials, they conducted monthly monitoring visits at all project sites using Room to Read's global Library Rating system to structure these visits and collecting key indicator data that is then used to assess the overall functionality of each library. Based on each project's performance against 19 key indicators, libraries are assigned ratings that vary from Highly Functional to Developing. Based on their rating, the team customizes these visits to best meet the needs of each project, spending more time with developing projects and less with those that are functioning highly on their own.

ZEE and Room to Read aim to continue their monitoring visits throughout their three-year commitment with each library, to ensure sustainability of this programme.

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