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Nov 21, 2014
ZICA's student Mr.Pankaj Bandolia wins first STUDENT NUKER OF THE YEAR Award

Contrary to first impressions, a Nuker may not necessarily mean a person of potential threat with the brandishing use of nuclear armaments and weaponry, and God forbid if there existed a nomination for an award in that category! In the newer world, The Foundry, a body which is responsible for global development of computer graphics, visual effects (VFX) and 3D design software for the design, visualization and entertainment industries, gives a different meaning to the word and its award category.

Post production of cinema and film, in today's day and age is exemplified by the use of VFX, making almost all that a human mind can create, till where the edge and crest of his imagination can take him, possible to translate to the most impossible visual feasts and feats on celluloid. Amongst the most sought after software in the playground of VFX, is one called Nuke. Thus, the most natural creative transgression for the Foundry was to create its platform for the best user of the tool. With a host of rules and regulations, the categories for the awards were

  1. Nuker of the year
  2. Student Nuker of the year below 22 years of age
  3. Nuke team of the year with a team of not more than 5 people

Pankaj Bandolia, who won the Student Nuker of the year, is a prodigy of sorts from the Zee Institute of Creative Art, Andheri, Mumbai with a vehicle called Fly Through, a project designed to study colors, reflections, shadows, lighting and overall environmental behavior on metallic and wooden surfaces and applying that study on computer generated metallic and wooden surfaces and integrating computer generated imagery seamlessly with real world images.

Bandolia who won in a competition which was the first of its kind in India, over a tough jury, who consisted of people with highly impressive credentials such as Jordan Thistlewood (Creative Specialist Spearhead at The Foundry), Amit Sharma (VFX Compositing Head, MPC Bangalore) and Kyle McCulloch (Visual Effects Supervisor at Framestore, London, UK), attributes his success to his mentor, Mr. Chetal Gazdar, senior VFX faculty, Zee Institute of Creative Art, who in turn, is a simplistic young man, high on intellect and passion in his stream of expertise.

"Fly Through helped me to understand the working of computer generated images and gave me a chance to make my aesthetics strong and to explore new techniques along with handling a project without any hassle", signs off Bandolia with an internship won in MPC, Bangalore and a future as bright as the horizon as only Nuke can create.

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