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May 11, 2017
ZIMA explores synergies with Film Doyen, Mr. Ramoji Rao at Ramoji City, Hyderabad during an in-depth seminar

Mr. Ramoji Rao, the undisputed Doyen of the Indian Film Industry and owner of Ramoji Group had an in-depth seminar with the Head of ZIMA, Mr. Mukesh Mathur at the former's sprawling office in Ramoji City, Hyderabad.
Mr. Mathur gave a presentation to Mr. Rao on ZIMA-Zee Institute of Media Arts and its courses. Mr. Ramoji Rao showered a lot of appreciation for ZIMA and explored the possibilities of synergies between ZIMA and his own Ramoji Academy of Film and Television and upcoming Symphony University at Ramoji Film City.

Besides giving a brief description of the forthcoming Radio Production Course in tandem with the Radio Business acquisition by the organization as well as the Journalism Course, Mr. Mathur also explained to Mr. Ramoji Rao about a new USP Course in Music Appreciation by ZIMA, which will be first-of-its-kind to bring a complete flavor of music in Directors, Writers, Actors, Journalists, Radio Professionals, Cinematographers, Sound Recordists, Animators as well as Editors.

Mr. Mathur also emphasized on the fact that the knowledge of background music and rhythm could shape an entire film scene so beautifully. For instance, if it is an evening shot, then notes of Raga Bhairavi or Yaman or any evening Raga such as Darbari relevant to the scene could add a natural mood to the scene. Similarly for a Morning Sequence, Raga Bhairav notes could be used while Raga Todi could be used for an Afternoon sequence and so on. Likewise with a sense of rhythm both the editors and cinematographers could do wonders to their respective crafts. This way the students passing out of ZIMA with intricate background music and classical music knowledge would be equipped with the complete package of film-making and could make films better than students from other institutes.

Mr. Ramoji Rao was overwhelmed by these intricate curriculum details and congratulated Mr. Mathur, who has incidentally also designed the entire curriculum for all ZIMA domains of Direction, Cinematography, Screen Writing, Editing, Sound, Animation, Production, Music Appreciation, Radio Production, Journalism and Acting.  Mr. Rao also displayed a lot of curiosity about the new courses of Radio Production and Journalism that have been commenced by ZIMA. True to his nature, he showed his modesty and humility to say that even at this age, there is so much of learning for him as an outcome of this Seminar.

Mr. Ramoji Rao expressed his highest regards for the Chairman of Essel Group, Dr. Subhash Chandra, with whom he has been enjoying a great rapport since many years. He was overwhelmed and conveyed his sincerest gratitude on receiving and going through Hon'ble Essel Group Chairman's book titled 'The Z Factor - My Journey as the Wrong Man at the Right Time'. He expressed his best wishes to Zee Learn in all its endeavors to impart education and skills among young aspirants.

Mr. Mukesh Mathur, Head ZIMA was later shown the world class facilities at the studios as well as Academy of Ramoji City. Mr. Mathur also mingled with the Faculty and had various discussions on synergies between ZIMA and Ramoji Academy of Films and Television as well as the upcoming Symphony University.

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