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Apr 05, 2017
ZIMA launches 'First Day First Show' - a new film premier event to screen films made by students

'ZIMA - FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW', a new film premier event was launched by ZIMA to screen films made by the students. The event was held on a grand scale at ZIMA Mumbai with an overwhelming number of sixteen Short Films being screened.

'ZIMA - FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW' was presided over by Head - ZIMA, Mr. Mukesh Mathur along with various Guest Celebrities as well as Renowned Faculty and Staff including Mr. Rajan Kambli, HOD - Production, Mr. Uday Shankar Pani, Senior Faculty - Production, Mr. Harshit Raichura, Centre Manager, Ms. Vidya Rajgopal, Senior Councillor, Mr. Santosh Ghankar, Mr. Mangesh Lottikar, Mr. Sachin Jadhav, Mr. Vikrant Hazare, Noted Actor Mr. Javed Khan, Renowned Film Director Mr. Samir Ganguly, Famous Cinematographer and Faculty Mr. Nadeem Khan and Mr. Subhash Chaturvedi besides the participation of a vast number of students from various domains.

Speaking on the occasion, Mukesh Mathur, Head - ZIMA emphasized the need to regularize this mega event, as festivals have grown out of their shells mostly by the proliferation of the internet  that celebrates the things they are already interested in. A Film Festival might not be the best thing to lay in front of a filmmaker, but it definitely displays in a few words the gap that exists between understanding film as a product to be sold and film as an art form to be enjoyed.

Senior Faculty, Mr. Uday Shankar Pani strongly stressed that festivals are pure celebrations of film where fans and filmmakers collide to share visions, opinions, and to catch the eye of a distributor who takes great work to the masses.

Among the noted films on display were Aakash Rane's film titled 'Quit Smoking' with a social message regarding the ill effects of smoking, 'Brain Drain' showing the reality of India whose major concern is brain drain, a film by Vijay Thakare titled 'Chakshu' made for the Swacch Bharat Mission that highlights its importance, a film by Aditya Salunkhe titled 'Maun' where one experiences a new world in this noisy environment, a short horror film 'Pumpkin' about a young documentary-maker who on missing her bus to town takes shelter in an old farmer's hut for the night, a decision that changes her fate forever.

The launch of 'ZIMA–FIRST DAY FIRST SHOW' is indeed a step ahead in realizing the vision and dream of Essel Group to bring out the enormous talent of youth in film making.

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