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May 04, 2017
ZIMA visits Everest Film Academy in Nepal

Recently, Everest Film Academy (EFA) of Nepal invited ZIMA to visit their campus at Kathmandu and discuss a plan for futuristic synergies between the two organizations. Mr. Mukesh Mathur, Head of ZIMA and Mr. Harshit Raichura, Centre Manger visited EFA on behalf of ZIMA.

With a population of around forty lakhs in Kathmandu alone, the Everest Film Academy aims to be a prime, action-driven, independent center of film education that ensures a real environment to groom and nurture potential individuals to be future actors, directors, cinematographers, animators, visual effects editors, visual editors, scriptwriters and necessary technicians to serve the film industry locally and in the international market.

Mr. Mukesh Mathur along with Mr. Harshit Raichura, Centre Manger got a warm welcome from the Fraternity and had a series of meetings with the core team of EFA for aspirations to develop a referral learning abode in the academic discipline of film and technology with boundless opportunities and careers in this field. They also discussed various technologies that impart life-centered quality education in the film industry in a congenial environment, deploying it for the service of humanity.

Mr. Mathur gave a full presentation on the Essel Group with a focus on Zee Learn and Zee Institute of Media Arts to the key people at EFA including the founders Mr. Jyotsal Rajbhandari and Mr. Bishal Shreshtha, Mr. Sunil Thapa, President and Mr. Rajendra Shalabh, Chief Executive Director. ZIMA also had a great interaction with the Director and Senior Faculty - Mr. Laxminath Sharma, Mr. Tika Pahari, Mr. Ujwal Ghimre, and Mr. Ghehendra Dhimal amongst others.

Mr. Thapa emphasized that EFA believes in developing a global sense of cinema in the students, giving them professional education and hand-on training essential to the craft. The Everest Film Academy has state-of-the-art resources to comply with film-making requirements which includes professional production equipment, post-production facilities, in-house studios, a library with books and audio-visual resources and an editing lab.

ZIMA team visited and appreciated the facilities at Everest Film Academy located in the heart of Kathmandu at Baleshwar. The founders of EFA briefed Mr. Mathur on how EFA's faculty members comprise of well-known national award winners and graduates of film schools from various countries. Consequently, at Everest Film Academy one can learn skills that will help prepare for a career as a professional actor, director, scriptwriter, photographer, cinematographer and VFX visual editor through proper guidance by highly competent professionals of the Nepali Film Industry.

Mr. Thapa said that they believe the best way to inspire the youth is to give them an opportunity to learn from their role models in their chosen profession. Film is one of the strongest mode of storytelling. It has the power to influence, to touch the senses and to plant a feeling in the hearts and minds of innumerable number of people. It has the power to form an understanding of the world, to build a perspective. Therefore, this power must be used wisely and justly.

Mr. Mathur emphasized that filmmaking is much about collaboration and teamwork. Therefore, we should explore youth, who have diverse creative bent to come together and work wonders.

Towards the end of the visit Mr. Mukesh Mathur had a detailed discussions with the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Everest Film Academy, Mr. Rajendra Shalabh on the possible students and faculty exchange programs for dynamic futuristic synergies between ZIMA and EFA to the goal of educating the youth in media of both India and Nepal.

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