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Jun 01, 2016
ZMCL celebrates 190 Glorious Years of Hindi Journalism

On 30th May 2016, ZMCL Marketing Team took the initiative of celebrating the glorious 190 Years of Hindi Journalism in office. This was a celebration to thank all the ZMCL Editors who with their sheer grit and determination have not only made Zee Media proud, but have also made considerable contributions to Hindi Journalism.

And, to acknowledge this spirit and fervour, ZMCL Marketing Team organized a day - long Online Quiz and a Tete - a Tete with the Editors in the evening in office. The Quiz received overwhelming response from all the employees across India. But, the evening Talk with the Editors surely stole the show! It was the perfect platform provided to all ZMCL employees to hear stories of credibility, sacrifice, intrepidity and valour from each of the esteemed Editors. The evening reverberated with stories from the Kargil border to the 26/11 Mumbai Attacks; from the Sarabjit issue to investigative journalistic tales of the Commonwealth Games Scam and also provided the much needed encouragement to the young employees and set an example for reverence towards womanhood and human life as a whole.

As Pooja Gupta, ZMCL Marketing Head, puts it, "The intent of this programme was surely to pay tribute to the ZMCL Network Editors, in our own small way, but it was also to leverage the great strength of the Zee Media network and to broadcast inspiring anecdotes to each and every employee, who can go back home with their heads held high, and feel more pride, to be associated with Brand Zee Media!"

This programme although conducted in Noida Head office, was also streamed live to all remote offices in Kolkata, Mumbai, Chandigarh and Orissa.

In conclusion, our Executive Director & CEO, Mr. R K Arora opined, "It was indeed an emotional as well as an inspiring evening, where all Editors shared their dauntless stories full of challenges and spread more knowledge and enlightenment around!"

This evening which ended with a celebratory cake cutting ceremony surely gave a fillip to the indomitable spirit of the ZMCL Editors!

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