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Jun 15, 2011
ZNL celebrated 'Go Green Week'

Following the footprints of 'My Earth My Duty', ZNL celebrated 'Go Green Week' in April 2011 in the Essel premises NOIDA, bringing all the carbon minded people together. This 5 day initiative witnessed a lot of participation from ZNL employees internally. Employees were divided into various houses and each house had its own voluntarily selected leader and sub leader. Many Corporates such as Nokia, 3Cs, Toyota and more extended their support for the campaign.
The event featured the following activities:

1. E-waste Management - Set up by Nokia, this involved people to drop their E - waste materials such as obsolete Chargers, batteries, mobiles which were recycled and reused by Nokia.

2. Earth Hour - Everyday organization observed 1 hour as earth hour during which the necessary gadgets/electronics were turned off.

3. Creative Artwork - Through this activity ZNL's extended families were also involved. People were encouraged to display artwork made from recycled material. So, the employees kept their spouse/kids engaged in making recycled material/paintings, etc.

4. Canvas Bags - Canvas Bags were distributed to each employee which were sponsored by 3Cs, to say clearly 'No to Plastic Bags'

5. Donation Camp Leading to Planting 400 new lives - Donation boxes were set up around the organization & the money collected was used in plantation of trees in the campus making it more eco friendly.

6. Solar Lights around the campus - Solar Lights have been put up around the campus. These solar lights are sponsored by Toyota.

Throughout the week, employees were encouraged to display their green pledges and long term commitments. Finale day was celebrated by planting trees across the premises of ZNL, Noida and the winners for each activity were announced.

Mr. Pradeep Gulati - HR Head, ZNL said, 'The campaign gave us an opportunity to bring our people together and work for a common cause of environmental sustainability'.

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